How to paint your 25mm scale castle models for tabletop wargaming

It's real easy to paint castle models.  First, prime the whole thing with a gray Citadel or other acetone based spray primer.  You can  use a lacquer based primer if you clean the model first to remove the mold  release.  Standard acrylic water based paints work best.  Paint the wood doors and floors a medium brown.   Afterwards, wash the whole model with a diluted blank ink wash.   The  black wash will darken up the gray and brown slightly and it will  run into the details on the model.  After the wash dries, dry bush the stone with a medium gray and then give it a light second dry brush with a lighter gray.  For the wood areas, just dry brush with a lighter brown.  Best  tip, use a wide stiff bristled brush for dry brushing the walls.  It goes much faster.  Lastly, paint the little details any way you like and finally spray on a protective top coat of Krylon clear matte.

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