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This site is operated by
Vatican Enterprises
Manufacturer and Internet Retailer of
25mm scale model castles, towers,
fortifications, villages, and buildings

for tabletop miniature wargames.

Models sculpted by
Hudson & Allen Studio
Copyrights by Vatican Enterprises

Model Painting Instructions

Castle Model with Hoardings Watchtower with Hoarding Image

Only on the Website for Sales.
Laser Cut Castle Wall and Tower Hoarding Kits

Scale Laser Cut Cow Hides Scale Cowhide imagefor fire proofing your wooden
cloaking your warriors, and covering your shields.

The Pope is taking a sabbatical and moving the location of his castle.

Vatican Enterprises is moving to a new location in Milford MI.

Please contact me via email for interest in ordering as online orders

will be suspended for a time until operations as reestablished.

Village Bldg 9910 Image
9910 Village Building

updated September 15 2019
New models added,
individual wigwams,
village bldgs, village inn
and castle parts
Castle Main Gate with Hoardings image
Castle Diorama with Hoardings image

Siege Tower image 1
Laser Cut Siege Tower Kit
Hoarding with Figures


Increase your defences by adding hoardings to your castle.
Put 30 figures on a wall, or 14 figures in a tower.